Quantitative Trend Following
Quantitative Trend Following
BL-Global Flexible EUR BI
BL-Global Flexible EUR BI
Naam Datum Koers YTD
Quantitative Trend FollowingPatronale / Tak-2308/081.156,54eur+44,3%
Patronale Quantitative Lustrum DoublePatronale / Tak-2315/071.156,54eur+44,3%
Allianz Dynamic Commodities A EURAllianz Global / Tak-2308/0877,87eur+17,3%
JPM Global Natural Resources AOneLife / Tak-2308/0819,77eur+16,9%
Aureus goldPatronale / Tak-2308/08110,17eur+12,7%
H2O Multibonds SR CapBaloise Lux / Tak-2305/0895,30eur+11,8%
HSBC GIF Brazil Equity fundBaloise Lux / Tak-2305/0815,02usd+9,1%
NN Fidelity America FundNN Life / Tak-2304/0835,06eur+8,0%
Ergo Life Fidelity AmericaERGO Life / Tak-2320/0417,11eur+7,9%
M&G (Lux) Global Listed Infrastructure FundBaloise Lux / Tak-2308/0817,36eur+7,9%
M&G (L) Global Listed Infrastructure Fund COneLife / Tak-2308/0817,36eur+7,9%
M&G Global Listed Infrastr. Fund ABaloise Lux / Tak-2308/0816,53eur+7,2%
M&G Global Listed Infrastr. Fund AAFI ESCA / Tak-2308/0816,53eur+7,2%
M&G (Lux) Global Listed Infrastructure AOneLife / Tak-2308/0816,53eur+7,2%
Allianz M&G Global Listed InfrastructureAllianz / Tak-2304/081.120,68eur+6,9%
Athora M&G Glb Listed InfrastructAthora / Tak-2308/0834,91eur+6,5%
BGF Fixed Income Global Opps A2Baloise Lux / Tak-2308/0814,64eur+6,1%
NN Life Multi asset factor opportunitiesNN Life / Tak-2304/08223,33eur+5,1%
Nordea 1 Global Stable Equity Fund BPBaloise Lux / Tak-2308/0829,72eur+4,1%
T. Rowe Price Dynamic Global Bond Fund APrivate Insurer / Tak-2308/0811,45usd+3,4%
BlackRock World Healthscience Fund D2Vitis Life / Tak-2308/0867,81eur+2,9%
Allianz Capital FundAllianz / Tak-2305/0816,44eur+2,8%
EdR Healthcare IOneLife / Tak-2308/08543,08eur+2,6%
BGF World Healthscience Fund A2OneLife / Tak-2308/0860,65eur+2,4%
BlackRock World Healthscience Fund A2Baloise Lux / Tak-2308/0860,65eur+2,4%
Echiquier QME AOneLife / Tak-2305/081.103,49eur+2,2%
Vector Flexible C1Baloise Lux / Tak-2305/081.823,54eur+2,1%
Edmond de Rothschild Healthcare APrivate Insurer / Tak-2305/081.486,43eur+2,1%
EdR Healthcare AOneLife / Tak-2308/081.485,86eur+2,1%
KBC-Life Multinv. + Best of Global Selection 5KBC / Tak-2331/051.134,10eur+1,9%
Fidelity Smart Global Defensive Fund AOneLife / Tak-2308/0815,09eur+1,3%
Fidea BGF World Healthscience FundFidea / Tak-2305/0843,75eur+1,3%
Vector Flexible C3OneLife / Tak-2308/08181,73eur+1,3%
Athora Blackrock China BondsAthora / Tak-2308/0825,58eur+1,2%
PL Robeco BP Global Premium EquitiesPatronale / Tak-2308/081.431,37eur+1,1%
ING Life Premium Indian EquityING Life / Tak-2303/08228,91eur+1,0%
KBC-Life Multinv. + Best of Global Selection 4KBC / Tak-2329/041.146,60eur+1,0%
Argenta Plan Best IndicesArgenta / Tak-2319/07104,84eur+1,0%
Argenta Plan Equity Performance Click IIIArgenta / Tak-2307/06108,00eur+1,0%
KBC-Life Multinvest + Universal Selection 90 Smart Start 8KBC / Tak-2330/061.162,70eur+0,9%
FF Smart Global Defensive Fund APrivate Insurer / Tak-2308/0812,48eur+0,8%
PL Vector FlexiblePatronale / Tak-2308/081.057,96eur+0,8%
Fidea BSF Americas Diversif. Equity Absol. ReturnFidea / Tak-2330/0523,96eur+0,8%
PAC Euro With Profits FundPrudential / Tak-2308/081,67eur+0,8%
Robeco QI Global Conservative Equities DAFI ESCA / Tak-2308/08271,74eur+0,6%
Robeco QI Global Conservative Equities DOneLife / Tak-2308/08271,74eur+0,6%
Fidea RAM Long-Short European EquitiesFidea / Tak-2323/0623,82eur+0,6%
Fund Life Opportunity 3AXA Life / Tak-2314/03119,71eur+0,6%
KBC-Life Multinvest + Universal Selection 90 Smart Start 9KBC / Tak-2329/071.120,90eur+0,5%
Oxylife Opportunity 3AXA Life / Tak-2304/08115,60eur+0,5%


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